Monthly Archives: February 2010

greetings, my friend.

New to the blogosphere, new even still, to the world, it seems.

In need of a friend, I shall write to the invisible, hoping that somewhere out there is a listener.

My plan is to write (to myself I suppose), but pretending as if someone in the scary adult world is listening, wondering how the silly ins and outs of my day have gone, and glad to finally hear me tell all.

I plan to tell no one I know of the existence of such a public diary (of sorts), and I know of only a few people in the world whom I wouldn’t mind having as my audience here. One person I know will find this, and to her I extend an invitation to read and even comment, but only through this removed medium.

To anyone else, may you please know me not in the flesh, but enjoy the fresh ramblings of a child stuck in the world of adults!