Monthly Archives: December 2010

why not me?

Okay. Found a very cool blog called NerdFitness. It’s this dude that decided to get in shape, put his life together, follow his dreams, etc. Really great stuff. His writing style is fun and energetic and he says really simple yet powerful things. I’ll likely buy his Rebel Fitness Guide someday in the near future.

So here are my thoughts. I want to blog, daily. Oh gods, well, there are a LOT of things I want to do. You see, these days (the past few months, I think) I’ve felt ready for change. I remember feeling a year or so ago that change was coming – that I was going to have a revelation or something, and now that time has come. If I sit and think for ten minutes about life, I get overwhelmed with excitement about the possibilities that lie before me. It’s a great feeling – SO hopeful and energetic! The only problem is that the energies are so scattered that I freeze. I am so excited to go down a new road, but there are so many roads to choose from that I find myself stuck at the road-sign. Anyway, this blog post was inspired by reading a blog post on this NerdFitness site – it’s called “Wait a second… why not you?”. I suppose I ought to link to these for real. I should contact this guy – I think his name is Steve, and compliment him and thank him. He’s very inspiring – as is Chris of The Art of Non-Conformity. Maybe I will link to them eventually, but for now I’m going it alone.

You see, I am in the beginning stages of a transition. The transition is real, and it has already begun, but I’m not ready to announce it to the world and embrace it fully just yet. I feel I have a few more loose ends that must be tied up before I can launch myself up and out into the world – if I were to jump now, my shoe laces would likely get caught. But given a few more weeks, I’ll be ready. Stay tuned, Universe – I’m on my way!