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php function variables GOTCHA


When you are using tricky-slick variable variables with php ( ${$varName} ) and you’re trying to do it from within a function, make SURE the variable’s name who you’re trying to get is not OUTSIDE the function – if it is, you’ll spend 3 hours trying to figure out how that variable could possibly not be defined. teh heh. Wish I weren’t such a newbie!

php heredoc syntax GOTCHA


If you are using the heredoc syntax in php

echo <<< EOT formatted spaceEOT;


and you find yourself getting the following error:
parse error: syntax error, unexpected $end in (document.php) on line #
then chances are you have added a space or tab AFTER the last EOT;
I knew it was important to have no spaces and such BEFORE it on the same line, but turns out you can’t have spaces afterwards either! So watch out.