Monthly Archives: September 2012

phpfog trickiness

For anyone’s future reference:

I just moved a site to phpfog from a normal web host. It’s a site I had hand-coded in php, from scratch–my first real piece of php work, so, granted, probably not the most elegant, cooperative app ever. Anyway, in moving it to phpfog, first I figured out how to set up and use git (pretty easy, as it turns out), then today I moved the files into my new phpfog directory on my computer and “pushed” ’em up. Violá! Site looks awesome… until you click a link… And then you see my redirect page, minus all css and images. Blech.

You see, I had set up an .htaccess file to make my links slick, which I forgot to download from my original server. So, okay, downloaded it, moved it, pushed it, reloaded the page, and … rats! Still no luck.

I then spent an hour and a half making small changes and trying to figure out why when I clicked any link I lost everything… I could tell something was not working with my redirects or path variables. After a hassle and a half more, having double-checked my reg-exs and such, I searched the phpfog documentation (cool app/site, but their documentation was not obviously organized to me… I felt like I was being put through loops), and found a link to this post on David Walsh’s Blog. While this did not really address my question, I clicked the “.htaccess” tag in his topics sidebar and found this post. On a whim, I decided to try his quick fix, and HURRAH!!! He had suggested a fix for hosting with Go Daddy, and while Go Daddy is it’s own scary monster, I figured it was worth a try. Thanks bunches, David Walsh: I literally would never in a million years have figured that out on my own. I don’t know much about .htaccess, and since creating that stuff over a year ago, I’ve forgotten everything I once knew. For anyone wondering, here’s the clever fix. Add this lil’ bit o’ code at the top of your .htaccess file, before you begin your rewrites:

#Fix Rewrite
Options -Multiviews

That’s all. Feelin’ pretty good about the innernettes.