Monthly Archives: January 2014


As I pack my belongings to move to a new apartment and begin a new job, entering upon a new phase of my life, I’m quite relishing the opportunity to reflect upon tidbits of my last lives as I sort them and pack them away.

I found a tiny notebook that I had titled “Progress”, within which I’ve captured glimpses of former selves, saved in quickly doodled sketches and poetic captions, each carefully dated for posterity. In stumbling upon this, I found it necessary to contribute a newest update, which I captioned: “Her wildest, happiest dreams come true after years of pursuit… she grins gratefully and begins packing her silly life treasures to begin the NEXT BIG ADVENTURE!”

In sorting my treasured scraps of paper, cards, letters and miscellaneous office supplies, I’ve stumbled upon notes from an old unhealthy work environment, countless to-do lists and goals written to myself, memories from past loves (both good and bad), and overwhelming evidence of the support and love in my life. I am grateful not only for where I’ve just landed but for all the crazy times I’ve had striving to attain this. You’ve come a long way, babe! Dreams come true, and I couldn’t be happier.