Hacker School Day 1

Welcome to Hacker School!

Amazing first day. Simply wonderful: a room jam-packed with interesting, intelligent, FRIENDLY people from all over, here to learn by doing for three months.

Technical Tidbits I learned today:

  • Learned a little about homebrew (package manager for OSX)
  • ‘bash’ is actually a language of its own; some handy commands that I already knew: pwd: print working directory (where you at), cd: change directory (go somewhere else), chown: change ownership of a file, mkdir: make a directory (folder), mv oldfilename newfilename: move a file by renaming it, rm: remove a file, ls: list (contents of a directory), ls -a: list all (even hidden files), | (pipe character): take output from one command and feed it into the next, touch filename: make file called filename
  • new bash commands I learned: open . : (shows the file in finder), grep: find everything that contains search term, cat: concatenate,
  • Also got a git overview and pushed some code up. I now have a better understanding of what a branch is and what the master is and what the origin is.
  • JavaScript:
  • found out that mozilla has some decent documentation, but was warned not to follow it too freely as some features there are only supported by firefox.
  • use chrome’s dev tools to explore built-in browser js objects like document and window.
  • .addEventListener(‘event’,’callbackfunction’,false) Can’t remember why we set false as third param… not sure if it prevents default or prevents propagation or what.
  • event: keydown returns an object chock full of stuff. I was able to fetch from this object the keyCode and translate it to its respective letter. (haven’t tackled modifier keys, numbers or any weird stuff yet)

Personal Reminders:

  • D said to be grateful for such a unique opportunity. I am! I really feel soooo lucky and thankful to be a part of this program.
  • Do things that make you uncomfortable (such as asking for help and pair programming)
  • Keep records of what you’ve done and want to do to help yourself stay on track

Overall, I feel somewhat exhausted, overwhelmed and DELIGHTED. Just tickled that I’m going to spend the next three months learning, doing, exploring, and working with wonderful people. This is clearly the beginning of a new phase in my life. Hallelujah!!

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