I love learning and like helping others learn. I've done a lot of tutoring over the years, and I really enjoy it.


AVID (Advancement Via Individual Determination) is a program for middle school and high school first-time college-bound students. It is intended to help middle-of-the-road students develop good study skills and prepare for college. As an AVID tutor, I worked in the classroom three days a week, leading a rotating group of about six students. The goal was to help the students help each other and learn ways to help themselves: making use of resources they already have available to them, breaking down large problems into smaller, more manageable ones, finding alternative ways to look at questions and solutions. I was usually assigned the Math or Science groups, as those are subjects I am strong in, and I was particularly good at getting students to work through the steps and the "why" of the solution, instead of just finding an answer. It was very challenging, even to maintain the order and some direction in a group of six students that more often than not did not want to be discussing a question quietly. The hard work paid off, though, as I gained the students' trust and respect and saw a lot of academic progress made.

Simon Scholars Tutoring

I worked with two high school students enrolled in the Simon Scholars program in Santa Fe, NM, tutoring them in Math and Science and helping with any other class-related problems they were having. I helped one of the girls raise her grade in math from a low C to a high B. My favorite part of working with these girls was that in addition to getting some homework help, they had an adult friend in me, besides their parents, whom they trusted and could talk frankly with about what they were stressed about or excited about.

St. John's College

In my junior and senior year of college, I was nominated by my professors to be the peer math tutor for my graduating class, helping my fellow students work through Einstein's Theory of Relativity and Newton's Principia Mathematica in our Math and Science classes.

Santa Fe Community College

While taking classes in Media Arts at the Santa Fe Community College, I had two professors recommend me to fellow students as a tutor. As a result, I helped five fellow media arts students with HTML, CSS, Adobe Illustrator and Adobe InDesign throughout my semesters at the school.

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